What is the Adventist Accrediting Association?

The Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities (AAA) is the denominational accrediting authority for all tertiary and graduate educational programs and institutions owned by Seventh-day Adventist Church entities. It also reviews and endorses the accreditation of secondary schools and mid-level institutions owned by the Church, as recommended by the Commissions on Accreditation of the divisions. The Commission on Accreditation of each division is responsible for the denominational accreditation of primary schools owned by the Church in its territory. The Accrediting Association of Seventh-day Adventist Schools, Colleges, and Universities and the Commissions on Accreditation evaluate the quality of the denominational institutions’ programs and their implementation of the Seventh-day Adventist philosophy of education in order to foster the unity and mission of the Church.


  • Lisa Beardsley-Hardy, Chair, Director of Education, General Conference
  • Hudson Kibuuka, Executive Secretary, Associate Director of Education, General Conference
  • Audrey Andersson, Education Advisor, General Vice President
  • Sabrina Cotton De Souza, Treasury Advisor
  • Daniel Allida, North Caribbean University
  • Antonio Marcos Alves, Director of Education, South American Division
  • Juvenal Balisasa, Director of Education, West-Central Africa Division
  • Guillermo Biaggi, Vice President, General Conference
  • Gina Brown, Howard University
  • Lena Caesar, Loyola University of Maryland
  • Bruce Cameron, Regent University
  • Roman Chisacov, Director of Education, Euro-Asia Division
  • Malcolm Coulson, Director of Education, South Pacific Division
  • Abner De los Santos, Vice President, General Conference
  • Kayle de Waal, Director of Education, Trans-European Division
  • Paul Douglas, Treasurer, General Conference
  • Gerald Grant, Carelton University
  • Brian Harris, Upper Columbia Conference
  • Ginger Ketting-Weller, President, Adventist International Institute of Advanced Studies
  • Erton Kohler, Secretary, General Conference
  • Raquel Koniecjuk, Montemorelos University
  • Thomas Lemon, Vice President, General Conference
  • Raul Lozano, Linda Vista University
  • Edgard Luz, Director of Education, Northern Asia-Pacific Division
  • Geoffrey Mbwana, Vice President, General Conference
  • Julian Melgosa, Associate Director of Education, General Conference
  • Bienvenido Mergal, Director of Education, Southern Asia-Pacific Division
  • Marius Munteanu, Director of Education, Inter-European Division
  • Andrew Mutero, Director of Education, East-Central Africa Division
  • Arne Nielsen, Director of Education, North American Division
  • Felix Njini, Director of Education, Southern Africa-Indian Ocean Division
  • Ivan Omana, Adventist Chaplaincy Ministries, General Conference
  • Faye Patterson, Director of Education, Inter-American Division
  • Socrates Quispe, Associate Director of Education, General Conference
  • Richard Sabuin,  Associate Director of Education, General Conference
  • Edison Samraj, Director of Education, Southern Asia Division
  • Rubens Silva, Education Director, South Brazil Union Conference
  • Arthur Stele, Vice President, General Conference
  • Gary Thurber, President, Union College
  • Ted Wilson, President, General Conference
  • Richard Tooley, Taiwan Adventist College
  • Maurice Valentine, Vice President, General Conference
  • Aimee Vitangcol-Regoso, Registrar, Andrews University
  • Robert Young, Vice President, Academic Administration, Southern Adventist University


  • Yin Mak Chung, Director of Education, Chinese Union Mission
  • Candace Iseminger, Director of Education, Middle East and North Africa Union Mission
  • Konstantin Kampen, Director of Education, Ukrainian Union Conference
  • Abel Apaza, Associate Director for Higher Education, South American Division
  • Andrea Luxton, Associate Director for Higher Education, North American Division
  • Robyn Kajiura, Auditing Service, General Conference
  • James Winegardner, Adventist Risk Management, General Conference
  • Ruben Gandia, Office of General Counsel, General Conference

Higher Education

General Conference policies related to the Accreditation Association

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Secondary Education

Information on division commissions on accreditation

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