Additional Resources

News and Announcements December 14, 2017

Here at the Adventist Accrediting Association, we partner with multiple organizations. Below are a few of these entities.

The Journal of Adventist Education®  is the award-winning, double-blind peer reviewed professional journal for Adventist teachers, educational administrators, and others interested in Christian education. Here you can read and search for articles on a wide range of topics relating to Adventist education, the integration of faith with learning, and so much more. Use the Archives tab to search for articles by author, issue, or keyword.

On this website, you can read articles from College and University Dialogue, a magazine for Seventh-day Adventist university students and young professionals. Articles are available in a variety of languages. Dialogue seeks to nurture an intelligent, living faith; deepen the readers’ commitment to Christ, the Bible, and Adventist mission; articulate biblical responses to contemporary issues in the arts, humanities, philosophy, religion, and the sciences; and offer practical models of Christian service and outreach.

Welcome to the Institute for Christian Teaching online. Here you will find  monographs from the Christ in the Classroom series. These papers, focusing on the integration of faith and learning, were prepared by Christian scholars under the auspices of the Institute for Christian Teaching (ICT).

The mission of the Curriculum and Instruction Resource Center Linking Educators (CIRCLE) is to serve as a comprehensive source for locating the ever-expanding array of resources for Seventh-day Adventist educators as they continue the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ.

Editorial Adventus representa una alianza inter-universitaria creada con el propósito de promover, distribuir y publicar libros académicos, revistas de investigación y vídeos educativos enmarcados en la cosmovisión bíblico-cristiana, para beneficio de educadores, bibliotecas, estudiantes, profesionales y otros lectores selectos. Nuestro objetivo es estimular la mente y nutrir el espíritu de una clientela internacional con lecturas y vídeos en diversos idiomas.